Save The Bay & West Marine celebrate World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day
Volunteers at East Creek Slough in Oakland on World Oceans Day.

On Saturday, June 8th the employees of West Marine, their friends and family, and volunteers from the community worked to improve the Bay’s health at East Creek Slough in Oakland in celebration of World Ocean’s Day. As a retailer in boating supplies and accessories, West Marine is dedicated to what World Ocean’s Day stands for— expanding awareness of the importance of protecting our marine ecosystem and large bodies of water.

The San Francisco Bay plays an integral role in our ocean ecosystem. The ocean covers 71 percent of the Earth’s surface and contains 97 percent of the planet’s water. San Francisco Bay is the largest estuary on the U.S. Pacific Coast, home to over 1,000 species of birds and wildlife, many threatened and endangered. Water from approximately 40 percent of California drains into San Francisco Bay, carrying with it many pollutants headed to the Pacific Ocean. Fortunately, healthy Bay wetlands trap polluted runoff before toxics can reach open water, and wetland plants filter this pollution to actually clean the waters of the Bay.

On Saturday volunteers picked up trash and helped remove invasive weeds like ice plant and wild radish, and spread sheet mulch to prepare for winter plantings. Their hard work will increase habitat and refuge for wildlife and help filter pollutants and trash. Trash easily makes its way to these areas of the shoreline and eventually into our waterways from nearby I-880, the Oakland Coliseum and surrounding neighborhoods. Save The Bay brings out more than 5,000 volunteers annually to restore Bay habitat through our Community-based Restoration Program.

We are grateful to West Marine employees for their dedication to ensure a healthier San Francisco Bay and their hard work to re-establish wetland habitat at our restoration site in Oakland. West Marine also generously donated $5,000 to Save The Bay and CEO, Matt Hyde made an additional $1,000 donation to protect and restore San Francisco Bay. Thank you for your partnership and for a wonderful day out on the shoreline in honor of World Ocean’s Day!

Check out photos from the event on Facebook. 

– Kaitlin Chandler, Development Associate