Gathering Support at Peet’s

Peets visit
Margaret spent an afternoon at Peet’s Coffee and Tea in San Francisco’s West Portal neighborhood.

Our supporters know that it takes the whole community – not just those with bay front views or those that are die-hard environmentalists – to protect the Bay. As a popular gathering spot for San Francisco’s West Portal neighborhood, Peet’s Coffee and Tea understands the importance of people gathering and inspiring passion and action towards a shared cause. This holiday season, the coffee shop hosted a matching gift Holiday Donation drive from December 17-24th to benefit Save The Bay.

The crafty Peet’s team decked the halls with handmade Save The Bay banners, decals, window decorations, and signs, fostering a festive atmosphere to celebrate our partnership. Enthusiastic baristas wore Save The Bay buttons (and the occasional octopus costume) and talked to customers about Save The Bay at the counter, providing them with a unique opportunity to contribute to the San Francisco Bay’s restoration and protection. On December 24th, the store gave away drip coffee and tea all day, and in return kindly asked customers to donate to Save The Bay. I visited on a busy Saturday afternoon and had the pleasure of speaking with customers about preventing plastic from polluting our waters, restoring wetlands for people and wildlife in the face of sea level rise, and volunteering out on the shoreline.

The connection and mutual respect between Save The Bay and Peet’s began with shared roots in the 1960’s in Berkeley. Save The Bay was founded in 1961 by three women in Berkeley who were literally watching the San Francisco Bay being filled before their eyes. The City of Berkeley had plans to double their size by filling in their portion of the Bay, as did many other cities. Five years later, the first Peet’s Coffee and Tea was started in the same city. Peet’s founder, Alfred Peet was a long-time member and donor to Save The Bay. As a supporter, his love for the San Francisco Bay continued even from his home in Oregon.

As Save The Bay has moved from an organization run by a dedicated group of volunteers, to a staff of over 30 people with more than 50,000 supporters and volunteers, Peet’s has kept our team energized, creative, and ready to take on the next challenge. We are grateful for our partnership with West Portal Peet’s, and want to share the excellent results of the Holiday Donation program, which brewed up nearly $3,000!

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