An Open Letter to Governor Brown

Save The Bay has been working for years to rid San Francisco Bay of plastic bag pollution. This month, we are closer than ever to achieving a statewide bag ban in California. SB 270 has passed the state legislature and is awaiting Governor Jerry Brown’s signature. We recently sent this letter calling on the Governor to sign the bill into law. You can do your part by sending a message to Governor Brown today

RE: Support for SB 270 – Solid waste: single-use carryout bags

Dear Governor Brown,

On behalf of Save The Bay’s 60,000 members and supporters throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, we urge you to sign SB 270 (Padilla, De León, and Lara) into law. After eight years of state and local advocacy, this bill has the support of business organizations, industry associations, unions, and environmental organizations across the state. SB 270 will establish a baseline for eliminating plastic bags in jurisdictions that have failed to enact their own local restrictions, moving our state closer to plastic-free shorelines and waterways.  By enacting SB 270, the state would also help 76 Bay Area municipalities to eliminate trash in their stormwater systems by 2022, as required by regional agency permits.

Bay Area communities have supported banning plastic bags since San Francisco became the first U.S. city to do so in 2007. Environmental organizations, solid waste professionals, elected officials, and chambers of commerce have united to craft strong local bag ordinances that reduce pollution of waterways while providing consistency for businesses and residents.  As a result, 76% of Bay Area residents now live in a jurisdiction that has banned plastic bags. SB 270 builds upon these models and the Bay Area’s leadership and will dramatically reduce plastic bag pollution statewide.

Every argument from opponents of plastic bag bans has been disproven by the actual experience of cities and counties that have enacted them. Despite industry advocacy for bag recycling, not one Bay Area jurisdiction has found it to be economically feasible. Fears that bag bans will hurt businesses have proven unfounded, as business owners continue to support regionally consistent policies. Claims that plastic bag pollution is not a problem are disproven every year on Coastal Cleanup Day, as volunteers remove thousands of plastic bags from our creeks and shorelines. Marine debris starts on land, and California has the obligation and opportunity to decrease its contribution of plastic trash to our oceans.

California is being hailed as a leader for taking action against single-use plastic bags and the degradation they cause in California’s waterways. Please implement this groundbreaking policy by signing SB 270 into law.


David Lewis
Executive Director