Let’s Send a Clear Message to the Plastic Bag Industry

Photo by Alistair
The plastic bag industry just needs to realize it’s over.

Thick skulled. Tone deaf. Toxic. Desperate. Dumb.

Any other ideas what to call a pig-headed industry group, led by a South Carolina-based polluter and bent on rolling back progress in California?

The group aims to stop California’s groundbreaking ban on single use plastic bags by putting it to a popular vote. To overturn the law, they’d have to collect 500,000 voter signatures by the end of the year to get a referendum on the November 2016 ballot. They’re prepared to spend big to make that happen.

But we don’t think the state bag ban is going anywhere. Thanks to regional victories by Save The Bay and others, one-third of Californians already live with a local bag ban, and the sky has not fallen. Grocers have not gone out of business. Consumers have not revolted in outrage. In fact, adapting has been easy, and we’ve already kept billions of wasteful bags from littering our cities, contaminating our waters and choking our wildlife.

Unfortunately, if opponents of progress get enough signatures to place the repeal on the ballot, the state would have to shelve the ban until a popular vote could happen at the end of next year. That delay alone would mean 18 billion—yes, billion with a B—single-use bags unnecessarily wasted.

As an editorial in the Mercury News smartly puts it:

 “If ever a referendum deserved to be trashed, it’s the plastics industry’s attempt to undo California’s first-in-the-nation plastic bag ban. … If it does, let’s call it the Right to Pollute Streams and the Ocean, Kill Wildlife and Overflow Landfills Initiative.”

So tell your friends, family and neighbors to watch out for the plastic industry’s paid canvassers, and to be prepare to tell them exactly where they can stick their single-use plastic bags when they come looking for a signature.

Update: If you see paid signature gatherers attempting to overturn the California Bag Ban, please report them.