Planting Day at Eden

Eden planting
We had a productive day of planting at Eden Ecological Preserve along the Hayward shoreline.

With just five staff and two volunteers, in two days we planted a total of 1,900 plants, all mulched and watered at Eden E!

It’s been a dream since I started with Save The Bay for a staff planting day to get 1,000 plants in the ground and yesterday that dream became a reality. We actually haven’t planted that many plants even on volunteer days with 60+ people. I am extremely proud of the restoration team for their hard work and dedication to getting this project accomplished. With the drought setting us back last winter, we still have a long way ahead of us — we need over 15,000 plants to be planted at Eden E by staff this winter — but with such a strong start I believe we’ll be able to pull it off.

Though hard to see in this picture, there are plants in every mulch pile. Now we just need a TON MORE RAIN!