April 2015 Blog Roundup

The month of April is a busy time for many environmental organizations and here at Save The Bay we also had our work cut out for us. From discussing the fate of the Redwood City Salt Ponds in Washington D.C. to supporting a new habitat restoration effort at Oro Loma, Save The Bay staff writers also took some time to blog about the mind-boggling amount of money California spends on picking up trash, entering a parallel world where Benicia is the metropolis of the West, and why Bay Area residents should sign off of technology and tune into nature.

Why Save The Bay Talks to Generals
Author: David Lewis, Executive Director

800px-United_States_Capitol_-_west_frontFollowing last month’s decision that the Environmental Protection Agency would take control of the Cargill Salt Works case, Executive Director David Lewis reflects on his travels to our nation’s capital to speak with high ranking officials about why Cargill’s Redwood City salt ponds should be protected under the federal Clean Water Act. Read more>>



Going Big, Building an experimental habitat for a better Bay
Author: Cyril Maning, Communications Director

Horizontal Levee

You probably know us for our restoration work on the Bay. But our latest and largest effort isn’t on the shoreline — it’s at a wastewater treatment plant in San Lorenzo. Why? We’re partnering on a giant experiment to create new Bay habitats that could provide flood protection, improve water quality, and benefit wildlife. Read more>>



What a Waste: Trash and Your Taxes
Author: Maura Mooney, Policy Volunteer


Did you know that the Bay Area has a big trash problem?  Litter in our city streets continues to flow into San Francisco Bay. And our cities are paying the consequences of our actions. Literally. Read more>>





Benicia: What Could Have Been
Author: Daniel Adel, Communications Volunteer

Discover Benicia, a sleepy town near the north side of the Carquinez Strait that offers a unique look into the past. Benicia’s undeveloped shoreline offers a realistic glimpse what San Francisco’s waterfront and fabled Yerba Buena Cove must have looked like during the California Gold Rush. Read more>>





Connect with Mother Nature, Offline
Author: Vivian Reed, Communications Assistant


Could connecting with mother nature offline be the answer to inspiring a new generation of environmental stewards? Our Communications Assistant tackles that question and more in our blog. Read more>> 





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