Getting to Zero: Pledges for a Better Bay

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Over the past weeks, we’ve invited you to join our Zero Trash, Zero Excuse campaign via email and social media. As a result, a total of 844 people have taken the Zero Trash Pledge. At last Saturday’s Uncorked festival, many festival goers stopped by our booth to show us their pledge. Here are some of the ways that Save The Bay members and staff have pledged to keep trash from flowing into San Francisco Bay:

“I pledge to accept no excuses in stopping trash from flowing into the Bay.”

“I pledge to strongly encourage my family to quit their plastic water bottle addiction.”

“I take a pledge to say ‘no straw please’ when I order a drink.”

“I pledge to join Save The Bay in demanding my city reach Zero Trash.”

“I pledge to wash + reuse Ziploc bags”

“I pledge to call on my city to enforce existing laws that keep trash out of our waterways.”

“I pledge to carry bamboo utensils so I never have to use plastic utensils again!”

“I pledge to urge my city to be more proactive in passing strong policies to keep trash out of the Bay.”

Will you take the Zero Trash Pledge? Visit to take action.