TAKE ACTION: Save our Bay from Stormwater Pollution


Earlier this year we launched an ambitious stormwater pollution prevention campaign called Zero Trash, Zero Excuse. While many of you have already taken our educational 5-question Stormwater Quiz and pledged to hold cities and yourselves accountable for litteringnow you can make an even more meaningful difference by  helping us win stronger regulations that will actually keep trash from entering our Bay.

At this very moment, the Regional Water Quality Control Board is considering changes to a regulation known as the Regional Stormwater Permit. This agency and this permit are the keys to keeping trash out of our Bay. To make sure these regulations are strong, we need the Water Board to hear from local residents like you who love the Bay. But time is running out: the deadline for public comment is this Friday July 10 at midnight.

Please join us in asking the Water Board to adopt a stronger permit to eliminate trash flowing into San Francisco Bay.

Watch the videos below to learn more about the Regional Stormwater Permit, the public comment period, and Bay pollution: