Bay Artist Blog Roundup

Bay Area artists create art about San Francisco Bay that highlights the importance of regional environmental issues, providing unique perspectives on the Bay.  All three Bay artists make important statements about the San Francisco Bay through their artwork.

Environmental Activism Through Art | Linda Gass

Los Altos based textile artist Linda Gass creates vibrant stitched paintings that explore the water and landscapes of the San Francisco Bay, making statements about land use and the importance of wetland restoration.

Stitched paintings by Linda Gass

     Painting Photos with Light | Stefanie Atkinson

Mill Valley photographer Stefanie Atkinson captures light and movement along the Bay, creating unique visual imagery of birds in flight.

Photography by Linda Gass

South Bay Salt Pond Photography | Cris Benton

Aerial kite photographer Cris Benton uses a kite to fly a radio-controlled camera to great heights, bringing the intricate details of the South Bay’s salt ponds into focus.

Aerial kite photography by Cris Benton