6 Bay Recreation hotspots

At Save The Bay, we believe the best way to stay inspired to protect the Bay is to enjoy it.
Here are a few of our favorite spots:

IMG_1797-minAngel Island! There are few places where you can get a 360 degree view of the Central Bay. It’s amazing to be in a natural, protected area while viewing city skylines and learning about the region’s immigration history.”

— Allison Chan, Clean Bay Campaign Manager

Photo: Rene Rivers

“More than anywhere else in the Bay, China Camp State Park is where my passions come together. It is one of the best places to mountain bike near the Bay, with a fun rolling Bay shore trail for beginners and some more challenging technical stuff further from the road. Trail running here is fantastic too, from the narrow singletrack loop near the shore to a climb that reaches a former Nike missile silo with expansive Bay views. And the wetlands here are some of the most publicly accessible tidal marsh in the Bay Area, exactly the kind of habitat Save The Bay fights to preserve and protect every day.”

— Cyril Manning, Communications Director

2015-07-26 11.55.06

“I love to ride the ferry across the bay! Whether it be to visit a tourist destination like Alcatraz or Angel island or to indulge in a more leisurely commute- the ferry is a great way to experience new views of the bay. My favorite thing to do is order a beer in the evening and watch the sun go down on our glorious bridges.”

Jessie Olson, Nursery Manager

San Leandro Bay-min
“Biking along the Bay from San Leandro down to Hayward by Eden Landing.  It’s a beautiful place to bike.”— Vinnie Bacon, Salesforce Specialist

Looking west toward the South Bay from the top of Mission Peak.
“As much as I love to be near water, the view of the South Bay and nearby salt ponds from Mission Peak in Fremont is well worth the steep climb to the 2,516 foot summit.  On a clear day you can even see the San Francisco skyline and other regional landmarks.”— Vivian Reed, Communications Assistant
“If you’ve ever crossed the Dumbarton Bridge, you’ve definitely seen Coyote Hills Regional Park in Union City—those tantalizing grasslands that rise up from the glassy waters just north of the freeway. Spend a couple hours on two wheels and you can cut through lush inland marsh, traverse steep, rocky ridges on dirt trails, trace a gentle paved path along the sinewy hillsides, and follow the levy loop way out into the Bay itself. Along the way you’ll see a ridiculous diversity of stunning birds: we’re talking raptors, egrets, herons, pelicans, avocets, black-necked stilts, and about a million others. (Yes, that’s why this is part of the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge.) Want more? The park connects right up to the Alameda Creek trail—a paved path stretching 12 miles to Niles Canyon without a single street crossing, and one of the few places in the Bay where I’ve come up close to a golden eagle.)”— Cyril Manning, Communications Director

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