A Day in the Life of a Communications Fellow


The immediacy of social media can make it seem like an arbitrary and random content generator, when in reality many of the articles, photos, and tweets you see were planned in advance. Not only do these platforms allow us to share news and actions related to our cause, but they also provide an open channel to engage with people who support our work and care about the Bay. What is it like to have that responsibility?

When I get to the Save the Bay office on Monday morning, the first thing I do before opening any email is check my Facebook and Twitter pages. In fact, I check them constantly throughout the day, right after getting notifications for new likes, comments, or mentions. I even check them in front of staff–but it’s not what you think. What do we say? When? And how? These aren’t the easiest questions at 9am, and timing is the extra ingredient when figuring them out. In the morning I scan through recent news, filtering which stories could be shared throughout the week. I research facts about San Francisco Bay. I search for photos or other media to accompany them. I go through past blog posts–our archive is extensive–and try to determine what’s been said in our recent past that would be relevant to mention today. The list goes on–the pool of things to say is vast. But the next best part is: how to condense each of those pieces into a few sentences that will capture the timeliness of that moment and connect it to Save The Bay’s mission. It can be a huge challenge to figure out what that context is, but once I’m able to unite those connections (along with the help of an extra editorial eye), the return is more than rewarding. At the same time, we are always curious and eager to shine the social media spotlight on our colleagues. The Communications team keeps an ear to the ground for the Restoration, Policy and Development teams for blog ideas and keeping up with their important milestones and events. We mix their work with perspectives from our volunteers, some of whom are our most vocal supporters whose fresh experiences at our restoration sites and clean-up events remind us why we are involved with Save The Bay in the first place.

Some of the most engaging work I’ve been involved has been on Instagram, encouraging users to contribute photos to our #MyBayPhoto stream. They come from various backgrounds and relationships with the Bay, and they offer another element of appreciation and involvement beyond Save The Bay’s vision. While most of our followers are familiar with the organization in the past, Instagram allows us to be in tune with their visual point of view that we don’t often see when we are all in the midst of our work. I highly encourage you to have our account on your radar and show us how you’re involved with the Bay!

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