5 Bay-Friendly holiday tips

City lights on the bay_Mike Oria_4.03.15-min

The real issue behind the recent Starbucks cup controversy isn’t the design; it’s the (single-use disposable) cups themselves. Inspired by this recent latte-fueled uproar, we want to remind you to keep the Bay in mind when you’re out shopping this holiday season.


  • Don’t trash your gift wrap:
    Get creative with gift wrapping this holiday season by using products like newspaper, baskets, and even a reusable bag to keep your gift a surprise! Often times waste from gift wrap doesn’t even end up in the landfill. Carried by wind, rain and other elements, our littered trash ends up in our streets and flows into the Bay.


  • Reuse, Reuse, Reuse:
    We know that it’s easier to use single-use, disposable utensils and stemware items at your holiday party, but it generates a lot of additional waste. This season ditch these disposable items and reach for reusable products to serve your food and drinks.