Bay restoration on the ballot

From L-R: Save The Bay Executive Director David Lewis; State Assemblymember Sally Lieber, Ret.; Mountain View Mayor Pat Showalter; San Mateo County Supervisor and Bay Restoration Authority Governing Board Chair Dave Pine; State Coastal Conservancy Executive Officer Sam Schuchat; and Coastal Conservancy Deputy Executive Officer Amy Hutzel.

Great news! Thanks to a groundswell of support, Bay Area voters will now have a chance to vote for a Clean and Healthy Bay this June.

In a nutshell, the Clean and Healthy Bay measure proposes a modest $12 parcel tax that would help fund much needed large scale wetland restoration projects around San Francisco Bay. If passed, this ballot measure would:

  • Make the Bay healthier for wildlife
  • Protect shoreline communities and vital infrastructure
  • Improve Bay water quality
  • Increase public access to trails and recreation

Living in the Bay Area comes with a great responsibility to protect San Francisco Bay itself. The Bay has long been central to our identity as a region and helps drive our region’s economic and social wealth.  Thanks to the Bay Restoration Authority we have a real shot at realizing this vision for a healthy Bay.

Passing this measure is no easy feat and success is far from certain. We’re going to need your help from now until June to support this critical piece of legislation.

This is the greatest opportunity in a generation to restore our Bay for people, wildlife, and our economy. Are you in?