Mother’s Day by the Bay

Save The Bay moms Kyung Hee Egoian, Robin Erickson, and Maria Boerner spent the morning volunteering with their children at Oro Loma.

This Mother’s Day we want to celebrate our Save the Bay Moms and the work they put in not only in saving the Bay, but in raising their children in this wonderful place.

Ever since I became a Mom I wanted to do something to leave this world a better place for my children. I am fortunate enough to live by the San Francisco Bay and work with Save The Bay. For me, there is hardly a better way to make this world a better place than to start in my own backyard. At least once a year I take my children to one of Save The Bay’s Restoration events. I want them to appreciate the San Francisco Bay in a way that goes beyond what they see. In honor of Mother’s Day, some of Save The Bay’s Mothers were able to join me with their kids and we spent a Saturday morning pulling weeds. This took place at our restoration site Oro Loma guided by one of our Restoration Project Specialists, Jack States.

Weeding may not sound like a lot until you learn that the native plants these weeds are forcing out are crucial to the environment and the wildlife in that area. Weeds covering these native plants are taking away water and nutrients, making it impossible for the native plants to survive if the weeds aren’t removed. Save The Bay relies on our numerous volunteers who show up every weekend to help with some of these challenges. It was truly satisfying to watch these Moms and kids work side by side and enjoy themselves at the same time.

We asked Save The Bay’s Moms, “What does it mean to you to be a Mom raising your kids by the San Francisco Bay?”

“It means teaching my son that he has a role to play in making this beautiful place we live better than it is now.  From recycling and putting trash in its place so it stays out of storm drains, to recreating by the Bay, to the importance of wetlands; I want him to have an appreciation of how much the bay gives to us and the animals that call it home.” – Kate Berry, Associate Director of Development

“The San Francisco Bay is our playground, our science lab, and our church. I can’t imagine raising my son anywhere else.” – Robin Erickson, Director of Finance & Administration

Lastly, we would like to especially honor and remember the mothers of our movement: our founders Esther Gulick, Kay Kerr and Sylvia McLaughlin. Without their dedication and persistence there may not be a San Francisco Bay for Moms to enjoy with their children today.

From all of us here at Save The Bay, Happy Mother’s Day!

Join us in voting YES on Measure AA this June 7th to ensure that our children and our children’s children will have a clean and healthy Bay to enjoy. 

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