Announcing BAY DAY… like Earth Day, but for the Bay!

The Bay Area is full of beautiful views, amazing natural resources, vibrant cities and diverse people – these are just a few of the reasons why the Mayors of Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco have joined forces to create an official day to celebrate our region. The mayors of the Bay Area’s three anchor cities dedicated the first Saturday in October as Bay Day, and Saturday, October 1st, 2016 will be the inaugural celebration.

“Our Bay deserves to be celebrated—because there’s no place else like it in the world,” said Mayor Ed Lee. “I am proud to join with the mayors of Oakland and San Jose to establish Bay Day: One official day every year when our communities can come together and celebrate our most precious resource – the Bay.”

Bay Day will be one day a year where the region can come together to celebrate San Francisco Bay. On Bay Day, dozens of cultural attractions, community organizations, small businesses and parks all around the Bay Area will host special, Bay-themed programs so residents can explore, enjoy, and learn more about our Bay.

“Save The Bay is proud to partner with cities around the San Francisco Bay to dedicate the first Saturday of October as an official day to celebrate the Bay,” said Save The Bay’s Executive Director David Lewis.

For more information on celebrating Bay Day or to share your ideas for Bay Day activities this year, check out or email Remember – without the Bay, we’d just live in The Area!