Help Cadence Protect the Heart of our Home

Why does San Francisco Bay need your support before the clock strikes midnight on the last day of the year?

We can’t put it better than Cadence: “The Bay needs our help because it’s getting polluted and creatures are endangered.”

Time is running out to protect our Bay, the heart of our home.

But if you make a generous donation before 2018, Save The Bay can keep working to reduce pollution, create habitat, and inspire thousands of students (like six-year-old Cadence!) to dig into science right by the shoreline.

We wish you a safe and a happy new year, and we’re grateful that you’re part of our caring community.

Bal Tashchit: Protect Our Bay

7thTzedakah JacobWSaveTheBayCheckJacob W. is a 7th grader at a local school on the Peninsula who selected Save The Bay for his Tzedakah project, which honors the Jewish value of obligatory giving. Each student chooses a Jewish value and a social issue that aligns with the value, as well as an organization working on the issue. Students then commit to volunteering, advocating, and fundraising for the organization.

Jacob chose the value of Bal Tashchit and identified Save The Bay as an organization working to prevent environmental degradation. He fundraised $1271.42 dollars for Save The Bay as part of his Tzedakah project, which he presented to Executive Director David Lewis.

In his own words, this is why Jacob chose Save The Bay for his Tzedakah project:

“The value I chose for the 7th Grade Tzedakah Project was Bal Tashchit (בל תשח׳ת), which means to protect our world. Save The Bay is an organization in the Bay Area that works to prevent water pollution, restore the shoreline and overall protect the Bay from harm. Their work enacts Bal Tashchit because they are caring, protecting and healing the Bay Area. I chose them because they are the largest regional organization working on what they do and because of their success.”

Thank you, Jacob, for your commitment to protecting our world by supporting Save The Bay!

Ending 2015 on a bright note

Sylvia McLaughlin
Thank you for your contributions to our beloved San Francisco Bay in 2015. Co-founder Sylvia McLaughlin expresses her thanks to you.

Thank you to the 1,075 generous Year End donors who helped us reach our goal of $150,000 which will be doubled in value to put $300,000 toward protecting and restoring our beautiful bay. Our donors keep us moving forward to reach goals that our courageous co-founders started in 1961.

Save The Bay’s co-founder Sylvia McLaughlin continues to be an inspiration to staff, board, volunteers and members. And on December 24, over 500 of you sent warm birthday wishes to Sylvia thanking her for leadership and vision to protect and restore San Francisco Bay.  Here are just a few of the inspirational and heartfelt birthday messages she received from other passionate Bay savers:

  • Happy Birthday Sylvia!! What a wonderful thing you did to start an organization to save the Bay. Hope your birthday is extra special!!
  • Happy Birthday and a world full of thanks! It’s because of you that my birding friends, my husband and I can spend many happy hours watching migrating birds that visit our bay and those who call it home year-round. Happy, happy birthday!
  • You and Save The Bay have changed my Life. I never take our San Francisco Bay fauna and flora for granted, and I can never walk by plastic debris without the urge to pick it up and dispose of it properly. Thank you for a legacy of respect for our environment that has rippled in my family.
  • Happy Birthday. You have done well through tireless advocacy and environmental activism. Please know that the world will be better because of you.
  • Happy Birthday, Sylvia! And thank you for your love of our open space, coasts, wetlands, waterways, birds, and wildlife – and your lifelong support to protect and cherish these.

“The biggest part of our whole effort was to create awareness about the Bay and its connection to everyone around it. I just hope people continue to appreciate the treasure of the San Francisco Bay.  We want this to be here for those who came after us and beyond.” – Sylvia McLaughlin

Your Stories: When did you Fall For The Bay?

We all have our story of when we fell for the Bay. For many of us, our love of the Bay is linked closely with a specific place or view. Loving the Bay is part of our daily lives, driving us to keep the Bay beautiful and healthy for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

It’s those special moments that make us fall for the Bay over and over again—when we stop in our tracks to take in a beautiful view or go out of our way to catch a glimpse of the water. That’s what our Fall For The Bay gala is all about—celebrating our love for the Bay, and in doing so, furthering our efforts to protect and restore it.

To mark the occasion, we asked you to share your stories of how you fell for the Bay. Below are a few of our favorites. Congratulations to Jasmine Worrell, the winner of our Fall for the Bay story contest, who will receive two complimentary tickets to our gala.

A breathtaking view of the Bay and the majestic Palace of Fine Arts
A breathtaking view of the Bay and the majestic Palace of Fine Arts

“I grew up only an hour away from our Bay, however in the valley where summer temperatures are often in the hundreds, I longed for cooler weekends closer to our coast. Some of my fondest childhood memories of the Bay are escaping the valley’s hot summer temps for the cool sea breeze & majestic view at Crissy Field, picnicking at the Palace of Fine Arts, and afternoons at (the former) Exploratorium. It was more than 30 years ago that I first fell in love with our beautiful Bay!” –Jasmine Worrell, Oakland

Here are a few other stories we loved:

“Moved from Calgary, Alberta, Canada because of The Bay. When we were first dating, we flew to San Francisco for a weekend holiday. The plan was to drive up valley and tour wineries all weekend but as serendipity would have it, there was an accident on Highway 29 and traffic was still for hours because someone hit a power box so we turned around and drove around the Bay all weekend. We had lunch in Sausalito and while sitting at a Horizons restaurant, we made a pact to move here. We took pictures of places we would come back to and 15 years later, here we are. We miss our Canadian friends but they visit lots. We have company all the time!” –Sandy S.

“I fell in love with the Bay when I had the opportunity to test piloting a two-person craft from Oakland Airport out towards the Golden Gate Bridge. We followed the shore north then turned around and came back over the Bay. The waters were calm, the air was clear. The month was August.  Immediately following, I drove out to the coast to watch the sunset.” –Teresa D.

“We moved here in 1969 and bought a home up in the El Cerrito hills with a bay view. I remember taking my young children on a tour of the bayside where there were huge wooden sculptures and still have a photo of them in front of it. We had wonderful times exploring the area.” –Natalie Z.

Come celebrate your love for San Francisco Bay at our Fall For The Bay gala, this September 26th at the Golden Gate Club in the Presidio. This special event will help fund critical work to make the Bay more vibrant than ever. Ticket sales close September 24th, so RSVP today. We hope to see you there.

PS- How did you fall for the Bay? Tell us in the comments below.

Put on your party shoes!

Fall for the BayPut on your party shoes, mark your calendars for September 26th, and come celebrate San Francisco Bay and the magic of life on the bay. Save the Bay is throwing a sure-to-be-fun party at the Presidio’s Golden Gate Club, overlooking the water.

Watch the sun go down as you mingle with other environmentally minded friends and cohorts in the middle of San Francisco’s own national park, a former military base steeped in history.

There’ll be live music by a jazz band, and a variety of gourmet beverages plus hors d’hoeuvres provided by Jane Hammond Events.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet environmental historian Matthew Morse Booker whose book Down by the Bay: San Francisco’s History Between the Tides has just been published to rave reviews.

Additionally, there’ll be a treasure trove of silent auction items. You can count on a panoply of numerous restaurant options, weekend getaways, sailing classes and kayak tours to choose from.

Look ahead. Talk it up. Buy tickets and bring friends.

 — Molly Hooper, Event Host Committee Co-chair

Molly Hooper has been a member of Save The Bay since 2005.  Molly and her husband John run Oz Farm which is managed as a sustainable working forest as well as an organic farm and retreat center.  Molly is passionate about protecting and restoring San Francisco Bay especially in the light of threats from sea level rise due to climate change.