Weekly Round-Up November 8, 2013

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Napa Valley Register 11/3/13
County Pushes Fish and Wildlife to Help Improve Airport Safety
Napa County is lobbying the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to improve a small area next to the Napa County Airport to improve safety for aircraft and also allow another segment of the Bay Trail to be built.
Public Works Director Steve Lederer sent a letter to Fish and Wildlife Director Charlton Bonham last month urging the work — part of a 2005 permit from the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) — to be completed as soon as possible.
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Contra Costa Times 11/1/13
Martinez Considers Banning Plastic Bags, Foam Take-out Containers
Martinez may join the growing list of California cities that ban plastic shopping bags and polystyrene foam food and drink containers.
Modeled in part on the ordinance Pittsburg adopted last month, city staffers have proposed prohibiting distribution of single-use plastic bags by commercial and retail businesses including grocery, liquor, clothing, convenience and book stores
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San Francisco Chronicle 11/5/13
Bay Trail Vision at Work at Carquinez Shoreline
A trail project along Carquinez Strait will provide a missing link for the Bay Trail, and with it, a restored route with sensational views for people who walk, hike, bike or run.
The route runs along along an abandoned roadway set into the cliffs west of Martinez that had been closed due to erosion, rockslides and holes, cracks and crevices in the pavement.
Construction crews placed fencing at both ends of a 1.7-mile project along Carquinez Scenic Drive. When work is complete, the route will provide a trail link from Carquinez to Crockett. The trail segment will be closed for about two years for public safety, according to the East Bay Regional Park District.
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San Francisco Chronicle 11/8/13
Annual Migration Slow to Arrive in Central Valley
In the Bay Area, wetlands provide habitat for roughly 1.6 million shorebirds in winter. Of dozens of marshes and wetlands, the best for sightings are often Napa-Sonoma Marsh at high and outgoing tides by kayak, and at low tide at Hayward Regional Shoreline, Bothin Marsh in Sausalito, Don Edward San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge near Newark and the Palo Alto Baylands Preserve.
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KQED Science 11/6/13
Baylands Nature Preserve a Winter Birders Wonderland
Described by bird watchers as the go-to place for the “best birding on the bay,” the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve is a feather-filled oasis during winter. This is the time that waterfowl migrate through the Pacific Flyway and settle along the California coast for the season.
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San Francisco Chronicle 11/8/13
Google Barge Mystery Unfurled
The barge portion of the Google barge mystery is only half the story – when completed, the full package is envisioned to be an “unprecedented artistic structure,” sporting a dozen or so gigantic sails, to be moored for a month at a time at sites around the bay.
Documents submitted to the Port of San Francisco show that the barge’s creators have big plans for the bulky box now docked at Treasure Island.
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Audublog 10/31/13
Keeping Watch Over Brown Pelicans
The Brown Pelican is California’s iconic coastal bird and one of the great success stories of the Endangered Species Act. While pelicans have dramatically recovered in the last 30 years, they have since suffered unprecedented breeding failures and starvation events in California and Oregon, likely due to poor availability of prey. Audubon California is leading a set of concerned groups urging the Fish and Wildlife Service to complete key tasks required under the Endangered Species Act in order to secure the future of these beloved birds.
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