Weekly Roundup November 9, 2012

weekly roundupSanta Clara voters passed Save The Bay-endorsed Measure B on Tuesday, which will speed restoration of the San Francisco Bay shoreline and provide money for flood control and water improvements for another 15 years. In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, the East Coast is looking into ways to protect itself from future events. From giant sea walls to marshes around Manhattan Island, nothing is off the table. Here in the Bay Area, we are beginning the process of long-range planning for similarly severe storms and sea level rise. Meanwhile, out in the marshes, migratory birds have begun to arrive in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys, where they will spend their winters. And permanent Bay resident, the endangered California Clapper Rail is increasing in numbers along the Martin Luther King Regional Shoreline, as a result of habitat restoration by Save The Bay and the East Bay Regional Parks District.

Silicon Valley Mercury News 11/6/2012
Santa Clara County $548 million parcel tax for flood protection, water cleanup and projects approved
Santa Clara County voters passed a $548 million parcel tax to fund flood control, environmental cleanup and other water projects at the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

KQED 11/6/2012
How a Sandy-Type Storm Could Short-Circuit Silicon Valley
First the good news: The Bay Area has plans in place for a storm as big and bad as Sandy.
Now the bad news: Planning is about as far as it goes. We haven’t built new levees or seawalls, moved electrical equipment higher up, or relocated much of anything out of the flood plain.
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Bay Nature 11/8/2012
In age of superstorms, Bay Area prepares for every inch of water
With the Northeast still reeling from the affects of superstorm Sandy, there’s been quite a bit of chatter out here on the Pacific about our own vulnerabilities to large tropical storms in the age of climate change.
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The New York Times 11/3/2012
Protecting the City, Before Next Time
If, as climate experts say, sea levels in the region have not only gradually increased, but are also likely to get higher as time goes by, then the question is: What is the way forward ?

San Francisco Chronicle 11/7/2012
Birds arriving at north-state wetlands
On a flooded rice field in remote Yuba County, a small flock of tundra swan ended their long journey this week and settled in the water in front of us. Off to our right, about 100 snow geese bobbed about.
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KALEV 11/5/2012
Saving the California Clapper Rail
In the Gold Rush era, California Clapper Rails were hunted by the thousands.
Today, habitat loss is equally fatal to this secretive bird, one of the largest rails, measuring 13-to-19 inches from the tip of its bill to the tip of its tail.

Weekly Roundup October 26, 2012

weekly roundupThe San Mateo County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to ban plastic bags in the county. Save The Bay and the California Grocers Association are working together to encourage the 24 cities in San Mateo County to adopt the ban. In other news, The San Jose Mercury News supports Measure B for safe, clean water for the Santa Clara Valley.

Palo Alto Daily News 10/24/2012
San Mateo County bans plastic bags, expects 24 cities to follow its lead
The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday kicked off what it hopes will be a domino effect by voting 5-0 to ban plastic carryout bags at stores in unincorporated areas.
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The Daily Journal 10/25/2012
OP-ED: All San Mateo cities should adopt county bag ban
The recent passage of a model bag ban by the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors could be a boon for the Bay without harming businesses. To protect the Bay from trash and level the playing field for businesses from San Jose to San Francisco, all cities in San Mateo County should adopt this simple, effective ordinance.

San Jose Mercury News 10/19/2012
Mercury News editorial: Yes on Measure B to ensure safe water supply
We say vote yes on B and resolve to keep a close eye on the district and hold the board accountable. We’ll try to do our part.

Weekly Roundup October 12, 2012

weekly roundupThis week, we celebrate the news that our founder Sylvia McLaughlin will soon have Eastshore State Park named in her honor. “I feel extremely honored to have this park named for me,” McLaughlin said to the Daily Californian. “I hope that it will be a joy for future generations and also hope they will continue to appreciate and guard it.” In other news, Save The Bay and Marin County Parks launched a new restoration project at Creekside Marsh. NRDC’s blog affirms that this “Restoration Economy” is good for the environment and job growth. And we agree that Measure B would renew local funding for safe, clean water in Santa Clara County and protect our Bay. Finally, our friend Rick Lewis has some incredible photos from Arrowhead Marsh in Bay Nature.

The Daily Californian 10/10/2012
State park named for Berkeley environmentalist Sylvia McLaughlin
The California State Park and Recreation Commission has renamed Eastshore State Park in honor of lifelong environmental advocate and 95-year-old Berkeley resident Sylvia McLaughlin.
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Twin Cities Times 10/10/2012
Restoration project breaks ground
Volunteers of all ages throughout the Bay Area spent Saturday morning dirtying their hands and cleansing the environment, as Save The Bay and Marin County Parks partnered to launch their newest restoration site at Creekside Marsh at Hal Brown Park in Greenbrae.
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NRDC Switchboard 10/9/2012
The New “Restoration Economy” a Boon for Jobseekers and the Environment
The news this past week has been plastered with encouraging headlines regarding the recent September, and revised July and August job growth numbers. Jobless rate falls to 7.8%, lowest since January 2009! Jobless rate hits 44-month low! 114K jobs added in Sept.; July, Aug. updates help unemployment rate! There’s an economic movement underfoot that will continue to support these much-revered statistics and the growth of good jobs – the “restoration economy.”

San Jose Mercury News 10/11/2012
Mike Mielke and Ben Field: Measure B will protect Santa Clara valley against flooding
Many of us remember that large parts of downtown San Jose looked more like a lake than a city after the torrential rains in 1995. Flooding at Highway 87 near the HP Pavilion ruined more than 300 homes and businesses. Still, we go about our daily lives taking for granted that we will always have a water system that protects us against flooding and provides clean, safe water to drink.

Bay Nature 10/8/2012
Snatch! The vultures vs. the hawk
Arrowhead Marsh, which juts out into the bay next to the Oakland Airport, is often full of drama. In a battle among feathered titans, a red-tailed hawk spots a group of vultures settling in on a carcass. The red-tail makes its move. Ask yourself: can you truly feel sorry for vultures?
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