Bal Tashchit for the Bay

Michael with David Lewis
Seventh grader Michael Sipes presents Save The Bay Executive Director David Lewis with the fund raised for his Tzedakah Project.

Michael Sipes is a 7th grader at Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School who selected Save The Bay for his Tzedakah project, which honors the Jewish value of obligatory giving. Each student chooses a Jewish value and a social issue that aligns with the value, as well as an organization working on the issue. Students then commit to volunteering, advocating, and fundraising for the organization.

Michael chose the value of Bal Tashchit and identified Save The Bay as an organization working to prevent environmental degradation. He fundraised $1,300 dollars for Save The Bay as part of his Tzedakah project, which he presented to Executive Director David Lewis.

In his own words, this is why Michael chose Save The Bay for his Tzedakah project:

The value I chose for the 7th Grade Tzedakah Project was Bal Tashchit (בל תשח׳ת), which means to protect our world. Bal Tashchit is important because the world is our most precious resource, and we must do everything we can, to protect it from harm. Save the Bay is an organization that works on solving environmental degradation by preventing pollution, restoring wetlands and by stopping bay fill in the Bay Area. By doing this, they are enacting Bal Tashchit. For those reasons I chose Save the Bay as my organization.

Thank you to Michael for your commitment to protecting our world through protecting San Francisco Bay!